Seasn Terrace Cafe Jindabyne

Where we started

Seasn Terrace Cafe is all about community, friends and good times.

Seasn Terrace Cafe has seen its fair share of seasons over the past few years. So, let us take you on a trip down memory lane back to where it all began, just before COVID changed the world…

In 2021, Chelsea flew over from New Zealand and stopped in to visit Ange, who was working in Thredbo as the head chef of a bakery at the time. As COVID lockdowns swept across the country, Chelsea found herself stranded in the Snowy Mountains and unsure of her next move, but keen on the idea of establishing her own business. Having worked in the area for over 12 seasons, Ange was also looking to embark on a new adventure. So the pair began looking for different business opportunities in the area when they stumbled across a local cafe for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Having just visited that very cafe a couple of weeks earlier for lunch, it was very much a case of being in the right place at the right time. So the girls took the plunge with an open mind and purchased the cafe in November 2021.

Since then, and with the help from a number of Jindabyne locals, including Lachlan Maclean, a business mentor from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, and Simon Blazey, a local graphic designer, Chels and Ange have completely transformed Seasn Terrace Cafe into the space it is today.

With community, collaboration and connective energy at the heart of what they do, Chels and Ange have established a strong connection with the local Jindabyne community. From providing work experience and job opportunities for local kids to supporting the local rugby club and dragon boat racing club, Seasn Terrace Cafe is here to serve the community and the visitors that pass through from season to season.

And with stunning views of Lake Jindabyne and tasty food and coffee to boot, Chelsea and Ange have made sure this rustic, yet comfortable cafe truly embodies the spirit of Jindabyne.

So, why the name Seasn?

You might have noticed that the name ‘Seasn’ is a little imperfect, which reflects our business in the best possible way. At Seasn Terrace Cafe, we’re here to embrace the continual change and we’re constantly striving to improve. Plus, it’s also a little nod to the different seasons of Jindabyne and the surroundings that we’ve grown to know and love.

So if you’re keen to experience a taste of Jindabyne, come down and visit us at Seasn Terrace Cafe to enjoy that classic Snowy Mountains country vibe.